Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I’m having a major meltdown. I spoke with the pharmacy this morning to confirm the total cost of the fertility drugs. They said $2,300 dollars. Yes, you read that correctly - $2,300. Honestly, I expected it to be around $2,500, but I was hoping it would be $2,000. I also envisioned that I would have a little more time to come up with all the money. The drugs have to be paid for in full, all at once, by April 16th. I’m short $800. I was afraid this was going to happen. How and where am I going to get an additional $800 in the next two weeks?  

Side note: I know I’m getting way ahead of myself, but I have another concern. What if I’m in the middle of the STIM cycle my body does not respond well and the dosage needs to be increased? This means I would have to buy more’s too much to think about now. I’ll figure that out if it happens. I can’t solve a problem that hasn’t materialized.          

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