Sunday, April 29, 2012

In Honor of Papa

Papa loved poems.  Each year on his birthday, we celebrated with a poem competition.  Surrounded by family in the living room, he proudly read each poem for all competitors to appreciate.  As a kid, I had no idea how precious these memories would be.  Of course in Papa eyes, we were all poetry champions.   

In Memory of 
Robert L. Frappier
January 23, 1928 - April 23, 2012

Of all the kids in this world, I know that I ‘m the luckiest girl.
Papa’s Breakfast special - yolkers, ham and rye,
At McDonald’s you would stop to buy me fries,
Pizza making on Friday nights,
Benny Hill and root beer floats to my delight.
Sundays in the basement, movies to watch
The Ewok Adventure and Wizard of OZ.
Zebra cones from the Orange Bowl at the mall,
My first tricycle, silver sparkly handlebars and all.
Together on the double bike, you did all the work while I took in the sights.
Ice cream treats with Mickey Mouse ears, tips for Koolaid and sips of your beer,
Subs with special onions at the beach from under the umbrella I would reach. 
When I caught a chicken, you were as proud as could be - I yelled, ”Papa look at me!”
Number 3 of 31, you taught me to live, to laugh, to love and have fun.
Never in my 35 years, did I ever believe your smile would disappear.
To me you will always be alive, residing in my heart until the day I meet with you in the sky. 

I miss you already.

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