Saturday, April 21, 2012

Decision Time

To make sure my hormone levels and follicles are in check before I start the shots, I went to the clinic to get an ultrasound and my blood drawn.  While at the office, I explained to the nurse what was going on with my grandfather.

     "Should I start the shots?" I asked.  "If I start and need to fly to Virgina, would I be able to go to another doctor to get my blood tests?" 
     "If you choose to start the shots, it's possible for you to see a doctor in Virginia for your blood work, but it would be difficult to coordinate getting the results from the lab with the time change." She paused and touched my hand, "The process of egg freezing is an emotional experience in itself..." As soon as the those words left her lips, I knew.  My eyes swelled with tears.  The realization that Papa was close to death broke my heart. 
     "It might be better to wait and see what happens with your grandfather," she said gently.  "Continue taking birth control pills for two weeks.  If all your levels are within range at that time, you can start the shots then."
     As I left the clinic I felt a tidal wave of emotions - sadness, disappointment, frustration and guilt for feeling disappointed about the shots when more important things were happening in my family.  Even with everything swirling in my head, I felt peace confirming I made the right decision to wait.


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