Saturday, November 12, 2016

My Irish Guardian Angel

By the end of the yesterday, I was emotionally exhausted and my heart was aching.

My car was parked a few blocks away.  I was hoping the stroll and fresh air would help clear my head.  I noticed a short, white-haired man carrying a camouflage backpack walking ten feet in front of me.

On the other side of the street, there was a group of young guys doing skateboard tricks and hanging out.  The white-haired man said hello as he passed them, glanced back at me and continued moving forward.

As I reached the street corner, he looked back again.  I was about a foot away from the skaters dudes when the white-haired man asked, “You okay?”

“Yes”, I answered.  I was so touched by his kindness that I immediately felt a lump in my throat and my eyes started to burn.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

For Everyone Hearing and Saying "Get Over It"

After 8 years of complete resistance, Thanks Obama hashtags and a ton of bullshit, one day later people are saying, “Get over it.”  Well, guess what?

I’ll get over it when I don’t have to carry my passport to travel domestically to “prove” that I’m a citizen because I don’t fit into someone else’s idea of what an American looks like.

I’ll get over it when people stop believing that they can choose better for my body than I can.

I’ll get over it when I don’t have to worry about getting a phone call that something happened to my little brother because he’s black, walking and wearing a fucking hoodie.

I’ll get over it when my sister doesn’t have to worry if she’ll get the chance to marry the women who’s the love of her life.

I’ll get over it when I stop getting called and these are direct quotes by the way,  “stuck up”, “bitch”, and “racist” because I politely decline a man who walked up to me on the street and asked me out. 

I’ll get over it when I don’t have to stop in a coffee shop and ask for help from the person behind the counter because the guy I said no to feels the need to intimidate and follow me as I walk home.