Thursday, April 19, 2012

Learning to Give Myself Shots

This morning Hilari and I went to the fertility clinic. The nurse taught me how to give myself hormone shots and handed me a box of full of meds shipped directly from the pharmacy (pic on the right). A bonus about filming this documentary - if I can't remember the instructions given, I can always go back and watch the tapes.

We made our way back to the nurse's office and she closed the door. I was relieved to see just the three of us together in that tiny room. I've heard horror stories of single women finding themselves in a classroom full of couples (participating in IVF), feeling alienated for attending the instruction without a "partner". I was happy to realize this wasn't the case for me today.

When I got back to my loft, I removed the contents of the box from the pharmacy: syringes, sharps container, alcohol swabs, fertility drugs and an Injection Guide with photos for reference.

One more appointment to check my hormone levels and follicle count before I start the shots!

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