Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Roundtable Conversation on Egg Freezing

Here's a really interesting segment from To the Contrary about egg freezing.  To watch just the egg freezing portion, skip to 9:59 below.  

A couple of my favorite quotes:
  • "The part of me that believes that a woman has a right to plan above all whether and how she going to have children, keeps me from saying don’t do this.  It is another one of the choices that I would not deny a woman, but I do think one has to think about why....With everything new thing there will be people who mistake how you ought to use it, but are we going to somehow deny people that choice?   When it comes to having children, I'm for you making any choice you want to make."  ~Eleanor Holmes Norton
  • "This is additional choice and for some women it will mean a miracle, I think especially for woman who have been diagnosed with cancers early in life where they had to undergo chemotherapy and I hope that this creates and option for those women.  I don’t believe that there is any such thing as having it all.  This too comes with trade-offs.  It mean you will be an older parent.  It may mean that your children will have less time with their grandparents, which are such special’s another option, but yet again it comes with trade-offs....Culturally this may tell us about our priorities.  Ever since women have been entering the workforce we’ve had more and more opportunities more and more choices and those are wonderful things.  I’m in a generation of people that’s really struggling with the family formation question."  ~Hadley Heath
    Let me know what you think.

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