Sunday, July 29, 2012

One Needle, Two Needle, Three Needle, Four

The Lupron injection is simple and basically painless; a 20 unit dose in the morning and evening.  I also take the Menopur at night, but there are a few steps involved. The width of the Menopur syringe is larger than the others so it holds more liquid. The shot ingredients are packaged in two small glass bottles. One contains a powder and the other is filled with sodium chloride.

Using a large needle I transfer the sodium chloride, mixing it with the powder. While transitioning the needle to a tinier one for the injection, I realize I’m out of small needles. Crrraaappp! Hell will freeze over before I stick myself with this giant needle! Seriously, the thing is huge. I peek into my cardboard treasure chest hoping a dwarf needle will materialize.  No dice.   Now what?

After a few moments, I reluctantly grab three small syringes, drain the Menopur bottle and give myself the shot. Let me rephrase that to shots with an “s".  In order to take the whole 75 unit dose, I have to stick myself three times instead of once. Yes, three times with three different needles for one shot.  I move on to the the Gonal-F and Lupron; no problemo. When I go to the doctor tomorrow, I’ll be sure to refill my supply of small needles.  There will be no more unnecessary poking.

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