Monday, July 30, 2012

Day Five

I went to the doctor this morning for the standard: blood work and ultrasound.  After the examination, the doctor announced my follicle growth is on track.  Unlike last time, the meds are being distributed to each follicle; none of them are hoarding.  Her exact words were, “It’s really going to happen this time. They look good. We'll do the retrieval next Tuesday."  Considering the bumps along the way, I'm excited to be close to the end of my egg freezing journey! 

As you know, I used a portion of my fertility drugs in the first cycle (that I wasn’t able to finish because of the greedy, monster follicle).  In order to complete this round, I had to purchase more drugs. The additional bottle of Gonal-F and five doses of Menopur cost $771. Yeah, I know...All I can say is that I’m grateful the funds were available.  On a more positive note, the doctor decreased my dose of Gonal-F from 225 to 150.   Even though I had to purchase extra drugs, I didn't have to buy the volume I would have if I continued with the higher dosage.  Sweet! 

I’m feeling anxiety about how many eggs will be retrieved.  I keep asking myself, “What if I don’t get enough?"  I’m trying not worry and listen to my mother's words, “You’ll get as many eggs as you’re supposed to get.” Of course, she’s right.

Tonight my softball team played in the championship game.  Unfortunately, we left the field without the title; we lost by one stupid run!  Boo!  Losing stinks, but I there’s always next season.

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