Thursday, June 27, 2013

Indiegogo Fundraising Update

The Chill Indiegogo Campaign finished with over 6,900 views, raising $4,025 in donations!  

I'm so grateful for the thoughtful comments, encouraging emails, tweet-tweets, shares and likes on Facebook. Thank you!   

A special thank you to the anonymous donors and everyone else for their support!

Emmy Aceves

Pat Frappier

Sylvia & Bill Moore
Anisha Adusumilli
Sara Frappier
  Lindsey Orem
Chris Bishop Desire Gagnon
 Mary Peralta
Dante Brown
Junko Goda   Leonard Ross
Ryan Bullard
  Kathryn Grady
  Adam Schor
Janet Bustillo
  Nakisha Guevara
  Tom Suess
Brook Cadorette & Family
  Scott Heckman
  Hans Sugatan
Linda Cevellos-French
Judith Hetherington
 Ken Tanabe
Heidi D. Durrow
  Faith Hoskins
  Felicia Tapia
Michael Fishman
  Linda Hyde
  Delia Udrea
Mandi & Aaron Forehand
  Sybil Mazur
  Harold Wash
Angela Fornero
  Jacqueline McAllister
  Kim Weddig
Charlene Frappier
  Stephanie Mitchell
  Dan & Patrick White

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