Friday, June 14, 2013

How Age and Health Affect Fertility

 Here's a great little snippet on how age and health affect fertility.  

"The number of eggs steadily declines throughout  a woman's life whether she’s on birth control pills or pregnant, the eggs decline.  As a woman ages the number of healthy eggs decline so that at age 30 most of the eggs will be normal, but after age 38,  50% of the eggs will be abnormal. The chance of conceiving after 38 declines very much...For a woman who’s in her mid-thirties and in a committed relationship, go ahead and think about having a child sooner than later.  For those not in a committed relationship, egg freezing has become a real viability and it is not as costly as patients believe."

Check out this short interview with Reproductive Endocrinologist Robert Weiss.

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