Thursday, September 13, 2012

Advocacy: Life After Egg Freezing

I read an article on called Advocacy:  Life After Egg Freezing.  When I got to the last paragraph, I noticed my name and a quote!   Here are some other parts that stood out: 
  • "I believe that we are driven to advocacy because many of us just didn't know.  We didn't know how quickly fertility declines after 35." 
  • "What matter is the common bond that unites us.  Once we know more about our own fertility, we want to share our own experience and help ease the way for other women....We are not ashamed to be open about fertility.  It is no longer...ssshhh...the dreaded 'F' word." 
  • "As Jenni who recently froze 9 eggs so eloquently says in her case study, 'There have been many women before you.  There will be countless women after you.  You're not alone.'"
To read the full article, click here. 

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