Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Follicles & Eggs

I can definitely feel the physical difference between my regular stomach and my hormone injected, swollen ovary belly.  My ovaries irritatingly ached the entire day.

Hormone injections are like Miracle Grow to follicles.  Think of a follicle like a bubble on the ovary.  Inside the bubble there’s a liquid.  Within the liquid, floats a microscopic egg.  The intention during the egg freezing process is for follicles to grow to a size range of 14-20.  Follicles in that range have the highest chance, 80-90%, of containing a viable egg. 

Right now, the majority of my follicles are size 13-16.  I also have a few smaller ones, but it’s not definitive they will grow large enough by Tuesday.  We don’t want large follicles to grow too big (like size 27) so we can’t wait for the small guys to catch up.

When the doctor removes the eggs, she grabs them from all follicles, including those under size 14.  A small follicle still produces an egg, but it may not be mature.  Once retrieved, the mature eggs are frozen.  The immature eggs are monitored in the lab for 24 hours.  If they develop during that time, which totally is possible, they are frozen and stored with the rest of the mature eggs.

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