Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day Eight

My eggs may be ready for retrieval Monday.  Once Dr. Bendikson receives the results of my blood test on Saturday, she'll have a better idea.  The guestimation is that ten eggs will be retrieved during the aspiration.  Although that's a good number, it’s not as many as I hoped.  I wanted closer to 15.  Honestly, I know I should just be grateful everything is progressing smoothly this time around.   Plus, ten eggs is better than no eggs.  Right?

After my appointment, we took some time to interview Dr. Bendikson for the documentary.  She did a fantastic job of explaining a complicated process as simply as possible.  Listening to her description, I was fascinated all over again.  It’s amazing that science and technology have made egg freezing possible; it's mind blowing! 

The results of Saturday’s blood work will confirm which day my eggs will be retrieved.  I’m happy with Monday or Tuesday--just get those things out of my body and into the freezer pronto!

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