Monday, September 11, 2017

Sundays Were Made For Football

I grew up in a football household:  My dad coached for years.  My little brother was practically born wearing a Cowboy's jersey; he played in college.  And I'm pretty sure my dad's favorite memory of me in high school was his daughter scoring two touchdowns in Osbourn Park's Powder Puff flag football game. I still remember the giant smile on his face.

I fell in love with football during Super Bowl XXII when Washington's Doug Williams shined like nobody's business. As a little kid, I didn't know how significant that game was. I wasn't aware Williams was the first African American quarterback to play in a Super Bowl. I didn't realize he made history in several other ways that day.  I just remember how football made me feel. I was in awe!  After that game, I started cutting football photos from the newspaper and wall-papering my Strawberry Shortcake themed room with Redskin posters. I was hooked!

My love of football continued into adulthood. Just like when I was a kid, Sundays were made for football. I watched all the games. I'm usually the only girl in my fantasy league, but I've played (and kicked ass) for years.

Yesterday a friend asked me about my fantasy team. I mentioned that I wasn't playing or watching football this year. Surprised, he asked me why. I don’t really feel like it came out as eloquently as I wanted, but I shared that my decision grew from the league’s response to Kaepernick.

Today when I read @iamcharlesdking’s post it really resonated with me. It’s exactly how I feel, but was unable to fully express yesterday.

I realize that I am only one person. Alone I may not make a difference. BUT one plus one, plus one, plus one, plus one, plus one….really begins to mean something. #Repost #ForMyLittleBro #IStandWithKap #EndPoliceBrutality #FuckRacism #BlackLivesMatter #NFLBlackout

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