Wednesday, November 9, 2016

For Everyone Hearing and Saying "Get Over It"

After 8 years of complete resistance, Thanks Obama hashtags and a ton of bullshit, one day later people are saying, “Get over it.”  Well, guess what?

I’ll get over it when I don’t have to carry my passport to travel domestically to “prove” that I’m a citizen because I don’t fit into someone else’s idea of what an American looks like.

I’ll get over it when people stop believing that they can choose better for my body than I can.

I’ll get over it when I don’t have to worry about getting a phone call that something happened to my little brother because he’s black, walking and wearing a fucking hoodie.

I’ll get over it when my sister doesn’t have to worry if she’ll get the chance to marry the women who’s the love of her life.

I’ll get over it when I stop getting called and these are direct quotes by the way,  “stuck up”, “bitch”, and “racist” because I politely decline a man who walked up to me on the street and asked me out. 

I’ll get over it when I don’t have to stop in a coffee shop and ask for help from the person behind the counter because the guy I said no to feels the need to intimidate and follow me as I walk home.

I’ll get over it when I don’t have to stand outside the bathroom door as a look out for my transgender friends who need to use the restroom.

I’ll get over it when the Veterans living in cardboard boxes and tents at the end of my street get the respect and assistance they not only worked for, but deserve.

I’ll get over it when women wearing hijabs on campus can walk past a frat house and not be called terrorists.

I’ll get over it when kids stop killing themselves because they can’t take anymore bullying at school.

I’ll get over it when you acknowledge the struggle of your fellow human beings and start speaking the fuck up. 

I’ll get over it when you stand beside me and fight.

So I guess we both have a lot of work to do.  

Let’s get to it.  I’m all in.  You?


  1. and when we find a cure for White domestic terrorism with the same amount of insistence that Trump thinks Muslim immigrants and refugees are terrorists.

    and when there is a wall built at the Canada border, Atlantic border, and Pacific border, with the same tenacity as building a wall on the Mexico border.