Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Favorite Necklace

Like any other day, when I got home from vacation, I took off my favorite necklace and put it away.  Yesterday, I took it out to wear and it was a tangle-ly mess.   I mean, knots and everything so I tried to untangle it.  Five minutes went by.  Ten minutes went by.

Getting frustrated I started talking to myself, “I don’t remember it being like this when I put it away. I would NEVER put it away like this…Ugh…For crying out loud, I just wanna wear  my favorite necklace! Is that too much to ask? Sheesh!”

Now, the necklace was in worse shape than when I started.  Pissed, I put it away and began my day without it. (Boo!)

This morning, ready for the challenge, I picked up the necklace and laid it on the kitchen counter.

“I don’t care if it takes me 20 minutes, I’m gonna get this thing untangled.”

Funny thing, it came unsnarled effortlessly.  Sometimes life is like that.  When I’m in the middle of it, it feels like a frustrating, tangle-ly, mess that I can’t bend to my will and navigate.  Today I was reminded:  When I stop trying to fix and force things, allow and accept what is, things easily and magnificently unfold in a way that I couldn’t have planned or imagined.

Whatever it is, my higher self has totally got this.

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