Friday, November 1, 2013

Welcome Pam Wise!

It seems time has gotten away from me and it's been quite a while since I've posted.  My excuse?  Good things are happening with the film and it's been busy.

I'm happy to say that Pam Wise has joined the Chill team as editor!  I'm sure you've seen her work.  She edited these award winning flicks:  Secretary, Transamerica, Dark Matter, Then She Found Me and Dancemaker.  Not to mention Pam's an A.C.E. Eddie Award Winner for Best Edited Documentary for Dancemaker.  Pretty freakin' cool!

Last week Pam, Hilari and I got together to view the first rough cut of Chill.  While watching it hit me, "Holy crap!  This thing is morphing into a movie!" 

 Of course after my egg freezing, the intention was to make a film, but let me tell you -- There have been days I wondered if I'd survive the film making process itself.  It's seriously hard work.  (P.S. -- but totally worth it.)    

Each day I am grateful for the support I receive from fellow artists and I'm encouraged to see things moving forward. 


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