Friday, July 26, 2013

Is it Time to Freeze Your Eggs?

I came across a a great blogpost by Jeannette Francis about becoming and adult (or postponing it for as long as humanly possible), motherhood and egg freezing.  It includes a great 5 minute video clip of fellow egg-freezer Sophie Ashton discussing her decision to freeze her eggs.

Here are a few interesting excerpts from the article:

  • "According to IVF Australia fertility specialist, Professor Bill Ledger, late 20's early 30's is the best time to think about egg freezing, especially if you're not planning to have children anytime soon.  'I would say if people are not in a stable relationship by 30 and think it's not likely to happen for a few more years, consider freezing your eggs as an alternative to being disappointed at 42 or 43,'  says professor Ledger.
  • "So whether you freeze your eggs at 26 or 32 is doesn't make much difference apparently, the key its to freeze them before their quality diminishes."
  • "So that's the catch-22 - it turns out the best age to freeze eggs happens to be the very age where - for most women - children are the furthest things from their minds.  It also happens to be the age where they're most likely to be able to cough up between 8-12 thousand dollars for one round of egg harvesting."
Click here to check out the full post.

Best wishes on your egg freezing journey Sophie!

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