Friday, February 15, 2013

Now what?

Now that my eggs are frozen, there's a follow up question people love to ask: "So when are you gonna use them?"

During my initial research, I came across a great website that discusses everything egg freezing.   I was pleasantly surprised that Eggsurance provided so much information in one place.  The best part?  A handful of "Women Like Me" who had already completed their journey, including Eggsurance founder, Brigitte. 

Examining each woman's story, I would skip to the part that revealed how many eggs they "got".  As I read on and took in each experience, I felt an amazing sense of community and support.  Many fellow egg freezers shared that after completing the process they were more at peace.   I noticed there was also one mutual regret--almost everyone wished they had frozen their eggs sooner.  Finishing up each tale, I felt honored to be included in every beautiful, personal journey.  

At the Fertility Planit show this past January in Los Angeles, I finally got a chance to meet Brigitte.  She was smiley, confident, sweet and funny.  It had been a year since she froze her eggsicles and she had some big news to share.  Ready?  She decided to pursue becoming a single mom!  How fantastic it that?!  Good luck in the next part of your journey Brigitte!  (To check out the blog where she reveals her decision, click here.) 

For those wondering when I'm gonna use my eggs-- Do me a favor, give me some time to wrap my head around everything that's happened so far.  I'll get back to you.  Stay tuned!

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