Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day Two of Shots

Second day of giving myself hormone shots.  The Gonal-F was simple to administer.  I removed the dosage and injected it as instructed one-inch from my belly button with the small syringe.  I’m still at the dose of 225. 

Menopur; dose 75.  It was much easier to give myself this shot on day two.  I'm not sure if it was because I was alone (without a camera) or I just felt more confident since I've done it once before.  I didn't get flustered when it came to changing the needles, but the liquid still burned a little when it was injected.  I don't feel anything when I inject the Gonal-F.   

For some reason, I thought giving myself a shot was going to be an overwhelming ordeal I was going to have to hype myself for every day.  It's more like a simple task I check off my to do list.  Like I said before, the hardest part is split second before I poke my skin with the needle.

At this point, I don't feel any physical changes.  When I laid down to go to sleep last night I noticed an aching in my stomach or maybe my ovaries since the follicles are multiplying (yay!).  Other than that I feel pretty normal.

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